The application of PRECIRE® is versatile – in the following you can find a selection of our fields of application, which give you an overview about possible fields of application. Wherever there is a sufficient amount of written and spoken speech data available, we are happy to develop new, disruptive projections for your use cases.

Human Resources

Personnel Selection

Speech is a versatile information carrier which contains information about communicative characteristics as well as about traits and skills of people. PRECIRE® uses this information for personnel selection and requires only a little amount of time and information from applicants and recruiters. Moreover, PRECIRE® finds exactly those people who optimally match a company’s corporate culture.

  • PRECIRE® allows for valid, objective statements about communication, personality and competences in only 20 minutes (automatic telephone interview).
  • PRECIRE® enhances Candidate Experience, decreases early stage fluctuation by up to 45%, the Time2Hire by up to 60% and avoids drop-outs of real talents.

Personnel Development

Employees and managers want to learn independently. PRECIRE® diagnostics offers a reliable navigation system to identify personal resources and fields of development. Precisely aligned training recommendations are individually generated and made available in practice sessions at any time – with vital value added.

  • Personal development support in the daily work routine
  • Emotional involvement of big target groups
  • Self-managed learning as a model of an agile culture

Customer Experience

Customer Satisfaction

PRECIRE® measures customer satisfaction during interface and sets new standards for Customer Experience (CX). PRECIRE® delivers “live” objective insights into the satisfaction of customers: either by way of automatic monitoring of real customer satisfaction directly during the conversation with the customer (“realtime”) or using consecutive analysis (“voice-of-the-customer”).

  • PRECIRE® CX Customer Satisfaction: A complete and real image of all your customer relationships
  • PRECIRE® CX Survey: Valid and understandable customer analytics

Customer Communication

Does the transport of a message succeed? Which effect does a communication have? Does speech transport the values and effects (internally and externally) that aresupposed to be transported? PRECIRE® analyses the effects of internal and external communication and answers central questions:

  • Does the chosen speech achieve the desired effect?
  • Does this speech optimally support the decisions of the customers?
  • Which factors support this effect and which constrain them?

Immediate and direct deductions from and about KPIs allow PRECIRE® to select specific measures, campaigns and communication standards according to the desires of our partners.


Communicative Targeting

PR and Media Solutions

Speech is a multifaceted medium. Apart from content, it also conveys relevant information about the speaker. Speech allows to draw conclusions about communicative abilities but also to gather information about more personal aspects such as traits and skills. The interplay of these aspects has a concrete effect on the listener and leave a conscious or subconscious impression about the speaker and the content conveyed. PRECIRE® helps press representatives and TV or radio hosts have the very expedient effect they intend to have. PRECIRE® offers a target-oriented approach to communication, e.g. with regard to differing emotionality in line with different situations. Whether you aim to create tension, spread optimism or soothe: PRECIRE® helps you achieve the appropriate linguistic impact and that way your communicative goal.


Risk and Chance Monitor

Speech is a multifaceted medium. Apart from the content it also conveys relevant information about the speaker. The interplay of a range of aspects of speech has a concrete effect on the listener and leave a conscious or subconscious impression about the speaker and the content conveyed. PRECIRE® analyses annual, management and financial reports focusing on prominent linguistic features, thus offering conclusions about synergies between said features and the published figures. This allows detailed insights into the current state of the business, as well as determining company-related prognoses and comparing both across sectors and globally.




The way leaders communicate influences how they perceive their own role and approach stress-induced situations. At the same time, it also has an immediate effect on motivation and the work of the relevant employees. Leaders who communicate optimistically make approaching a challenge in a target- and health-oriented manner easier for themselves and for their employees. PRECIRE® VoiceReflection not only reflects on current strain levels but also offers a detailed overview of personal resources, coping strategies for challenges and conducive as well as inhibiting communication patterns. PRECIRE® VoiceReflection examines those patterns within the professional as well as private environment and compiles practical tips for possible future development. This way PRECIRE® VoiceReflection provides a precise examination of current stress parameters, a detailed and specific resilience, recovery and strain analysis and ultimately deduces effective communication strategies and corresponding measures to be taken.



Psychological and mental strains in the professional environment have been anything but rare for a long time. PRECIRE® VoiceCheck is a low-threshold and anonymised PRECIRE Technologies testing solution for acute psychological strain triggered in particular by stressful situations. Along with prevention and intervention measures, PRECIRE® VoiceCheck offers a holistic concept to a business’ employees. PRECIRE® VoiceCheck promotes health consciousness among employees and initiates systematic health management. This guarantees effective, sustainable and validated prevention for the company.


Your PRECIRE® project

PRECIRE® is not a digital product or a service, but an essential new technology which opens up a range of application areas in diverse fields and industries. PRECIRE Technologies develops these Use Cases step by step, but at the same time is open for new ideas, innovative concepts and disruptive value propositions that partners, interested parties or teams want to create with our technology. The requirements for the application of PRECIRE® are simple:

  • The task requires interpersonal communication which regularly delivers unstructured speech data.
  • But mainly: You know the KPIs you want to improve.

If you are interested in a solution offer or a value driver for your business or organisation, please contact us.


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