PRECIRE Technologies is the innovative leader of speech analysis technology. PRECIRE® decodes written and spoken speech and provides fascinating insights into the interaction of personality, communication and behaviour. The software uses speech and text to create a valid picture of employees, customers, applicants and other conversational partners. PRECIRE® opens up new paths to intelligent, individualised and efficient interaction.

How does PRECIRE® work?

PRECIRE® fractionises written and spoken speech into tens of thousands of tiny, digital components and elements (“features”). Data rooms and data clouds arise from these components and develop patterns, which PRECIRE® compares to patterns and structures of thousands of psychologically substantiated reference data.

Thus, the software can make precise statements about the communicative effect of speech as well as about emotions, personality and linguistic competence of a person, or about motives and attitudes of individuals or of a group of people. This technology is based on Natural Language Processing, Data Mining, Linguistics, and Psychology.


Scientific Advisory Board

Outstanding science partners from different disciplines enrich and ensure the quality of our development work . They help us to continuously develop the possibilities of PRECIRE® further support our research and provide excellent discussion forums around the origin and future of our technology

A selection of our customers

Our customers stand for progress and innovation in their respective fields. We support our customers in securing their technological and qualitative lead and in unlocking new business potential.


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